FNaF 4 The Secret Night

Let’s continue challenging yourself with the Secret Night in Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 game now! You will have to face a lot of difficulties on this night. But if you acquire some of the useful tips and basic info before joining it, you can make your way through the creepy challenges. Let’s find out now!

Difficulty: Impossible

Nightmares appearance:

FNaF 4 Secret NightFNaF 4 Secret NightFNaF 4 Secret NightFNaF 4 Secret NightFNaF 4 Secret Night


If you want to explore this secret night of the game, you should try to finish all the previous nights and get the extra menu. Because it’s opened only when you completed!
The secret night shares the same feature as the nightmare mode, namely the animatronics including Nightmare, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and Freddy, they will turn into very hostile and active.
The different thing is that you are not allowed to hesitate.
Equip yourself with good abilities to tackle with this night
Well, similar to other FNaF games, 20202020 mode in this version is considered as the most arduous night in the game.


It’s so doubtful for you to beat off this night. So, don’t expect to finish it sooner!
Just like night 6, try to keep calm and don’t expose your fears too much!
Foxy is very fast starting from the hallways to the closet when the time hits around at 1-2 am. Please stay calm and be careful!
Once again, all the animatronics will be replaced by Nightmare when the time reaches 4 am.
Check out these tips below here when you are on this night:

    • Go check your bed and closet while being in your room
    • If there are any footstep sounds that you hear, quickly check your doors
    • Otherwise, just check the Freddles and Foxy when you’re in your room
    • Repeat the circle
    • You need to wait for a little bit and try to listen to the sounds of footstep from left to right and right to left because Nightmare has already appeared on this night. Check on your doors as well
    • If you are flashing your light, and he is already in the lobby, the amount of time for you to close the door is 0.8 seconds.
    • In a short time, if there is any sound signifying that he is running toward another door, you should quickly open the one you were shutting and check another one
    • If it is being shut, and his laughter can echo, you should go to your bed and closet then check on them. He probably appears in this places.
    • Do this circle once again


Diep.io All Classes; Smasher, Trapper Tanks

Diep.io All Tanks, Smasher and Trapper Tanks

Diep.io All Tanks, Smasher and Trapper Tanks2

What is Tweak?

  • It is meaning about new tanks and features.
  • We hope people will like new tanks.
  • With these tanks you can fight with new tactics.


How Can I Play with these new tanks?

You need to have “Play Diep.io

There are too many ways to have some tactics
First, you need to look our tank tactic topics
Second, you need to cut all objectives to level up and than your nice tank upgrades.

Diep.io Smasher Tanks” – “Diep.io Trapper Tanks

Diep.io All Tanks, Smasher and Trapper Tanks


What is agario teams? Agario Teams is a color VS color gamemode that’s all about teamwork, the teams are split into 3 colors, Blue, Green, and Red, the color of your cell defines on what team you’re on, this color will randomly be given to you at the start of the game, and isn’t gonna change after your death, your main goal is to help your team and eat everyone that isn’t your color.



The leaderboard for agar.io teams is located on the top right side of your screen, and looks like the image on your right, the leaderboard is split into 3 and shows the team that’s in the lead.


The main objective of this gamemode is to eat everyone that isn’t your color, for example, you can “only” eat red and blue cells when you’re green, so you can’t eat the cells from your own teams color, you can only push them away and share (W) mass blobs to help them, you can therefore use your team as cover and stick together to build strength.

Don’t forget, this is a teamwork based gamemode, helping your team is the only thing that’s gonna make them lead, you should therefore help your team whenever you can, and sacrifice all your mass if that’s gonna save them, your team is most likely gonna do the same for you whenever you’re in need of help.



Agario teams setupHere’s just a quick explanation on how to play agario in teams mode.

  • Go to agar.io (Agario’s official website)
  • Select “Teams” in the gamemode drop-down box (Showen in the image)
  • Click on “play as guest to start playing.

That’s all…

Also check the other agario game modes: FFA, Party, and Experimental.


Agario party mode allows you to play agario with your friends in the same map, this is actuality the only gamemode that’s truly meant for teams to be playing on, you can therefore freely team-up and battle against lots of other teams all over the world, you no longer have to refresh your browser to find the same names on leaderboard, nor to use the agario browser extension, these methods are all outdated, you can now simply play agario with your friends on party mode.



It’s just called party due to its multiplayer / teaming aspect, the only thing that’s making this gamemode so party is the ability to play agario with multiple friends within the same map, this is actually quite awesome and lots of fun.

agario party mode cellParty mode is also known as agario hardcore due to the crazy amount of teams in this gamemode, so if you’re looking for a challenge you should try to play agario on your own in party mode.



Here’s just a quick tutorial on how to play agario in party mode with your friends.

  • Go to agar.io (Agario’s official website)
  • Select “party” in the gamemode drop-down box

You can now choose to either create a party or to join one.

  • Click on “Create” to create a party, this will give you a code, Give this code to your friends and let them “join” your party
  • Click on “Join” to join the party from your friend, (Your friend should have given you a code, place the code there and click again on join)

Then click on “play as guest to start playing.

That’s all… need more help? Click here for a more in-depth explanation about the party setup, also check the other agario game modes: FFA, Teams, and Experimental.


Here are some frequently asked agario questions and answers.

What is agario
– Agario is a very popular multiplayer browse-based browser game, the main objective of the agario is to grow your cell and to get yourself on the leaderboard, you can do this by eating the cells from other players while avoiding getting eaten by bigger ones,

How to play agar.io
– Go to agar.io, enter a nickname if you like, and choose a region near your location for the best game performance, then click on (play as guest) to start playing.

What are the controls for agario?
– Move your (Mouse) to control your cells
– Press (Spacebar) to split
– Press (W) To Shoot mass blobs
Check my agario controls guide for more controls.

How to play agario with friends?
– You can play agario with friends in party mode, Need help? This tutorial will help you to connect to the same lobby as your friends.

How to win in agario?
– There’s no real way to win, agario is more about breaking your own high scores and getting yourself on the leaderboard and staying there for as long as possible.



What are those green spiky cells?
– They are called viruses, you can safely hide under them when you’re smaller than the virus itself, bigger cells will get popped when floating true them, viruses are useful for many things, you can shoot them towards your opponents cells and you can even eat viruses.

How to shoot viruses?
– You can shoot viruses by shooting up to 7 (W) blobs towards it, the virus will then split and shoot itself towards the direction of your last mass blob.

How to eat viruses?
– There are 2 critical things you’ll need in order to be able to eat viruses in agario, (1) you need 16 cells (2) at least one cell that’s big enough to eat the viruses, I recommend you to only use this at a minimum combined mass of 600.

How to combine after splitting?
– Your cells will automatically combine whenever they are ready to get together, Small cells have a regroup cooldown time of about 30 seconds, this can take up to many minutes for bigger cells.

Is there a way to combine faster?
– Yes, There are several ways to combine faster in agario read my article aboutfast combining methods to learn more about this topic.



how to add skins?
 Go to agarioskins.com to look for the available skins and enter the name of the skin as your agario nickname, for example, if you want to play with the “Queen” skin you need to enter “queen” (Without quotes) as your agario nickname.

How to play agario in fullscreen mode?
– You can enter agario fullscreen mode by pressing FN + F11 at the same time, these fullscreen keys might be different for you.

Why is agario so laggy?
– There are many reasons why agario’s lagging, your internet connection might be one of them, just remember that it’s a browser-based minigame, changing to a different browser like internet explorer might reduce the lag on agario.

How to spectate in agario?
– Agar.io Spectate mode is located on the right side of the agar.io home screen “under settings”, it’s an orange button with “spectate” on it.



What is agario experimental mode?
– The agario developers used to test new things in agar.io FFA, they later on moved their experiments to a whole new gamemode which is now known asexperimental mode the main thing that’s different about this gamemode is the way how the viruses work, the rest is pretty much the same.

What is agario party mode?
– Party mode is the gamemode that’s made for teams to be playing on, you can team up and play with friends within this gamemode.

What is agario teams mode
– Agario teams is a color VS color teamwork based gamemode, the lobby of each game is split into 3 teams, the objective of agario teams is to help your team and become the dominating color on the leaderboard.

What is agario FFA and where does it stand for?
– FFA is agar.io’s default gamemode it’s the most popular one and made for single players, FFA simply stands for Free For All.



Is there an extension for agar.io?
– You can go to agariomods.com and download their browser extension, this will give you lots of extra gamemodes and options to play with.

Can I play agar.io on the go?
You can download agar.io for free from google play store, but you still need an internet connection to be able to play.

Is there a mod for mobile agario?
Yes, there’s a mobile agario mod available on xmodgames, this mod is allowing you to maximize your zoom and use agario skins on mobile devices, a rooted device is needed in order to make this work.

More agario questions will be added over time, feel free to contact me if there’s anything I should be adding to this page.


Private agario servers have come a long way and became a huge part of the agario gaming community. The biggest benefit of playing on a private server is the number of extra gamemodes, and skins they provide for their players. some servers even allow players to upload their own images and use them as skins.

During the past few months I have played on quite a few private agario servers, and really enjoy playing them, sometimes even more than the regular agar.io, I’ve therefore decided to create a list with the most popular ones, and the ones I prefer to play on…

Agario Private Server2

For Site:



Looking for pro agar tips to improve your agario skills? don’t look any further, the following tips will help you improve your agario skills along with your overall gameplay.



First of all, you should try to stay cool, “No matter what”, it’s pretty easy to miss your opportunity to split, and choke whenever you’re about to get an epic kill, even the agar pro’s mess up, staying cool is the trick to get the most out of your agario game.


where am i agario

knowing where you are and what’s going on around you is one of the most important things when it comes to trapping, and your own safety within agario, so try to make use of your train and remember your position, also try to remember the rough positions of your dangerous opponents, it’s definitely gonna help you with your pro agar.io skills.


We all know that looking into the future isn’t quite possible, but preparing for what’s going to happen is a fantastic thing to do in agario, try to look at your opponent as if you are him, what would you do if you were in his position? Use this in your advantage.


Getting comfortable with the use of viruses is essential for agar pro’s, it’s then also very important to stay cool in sketchy situations and know what you are doing, some great examples of advanced virus shooting skills can be found in this video by WUN WUN. (skip to 5.55 for pro agar.io skill)



Waiting for the right time to strike is the key to a successful agario game, try to be patient and only split for profitable skills that are worth your recombining time, don’t just split for small guys, take your time and go for the big fish if you can.


Although you need to be patient you still need to get your kills if you’re willing to become massive, the best way to grow quickly is to play aggressive, don’t be scared to split into more than 2 cells for profitable splits, but remember to keep your cells safe.


agar pro multi kill


Going for multi kills is the best way to go when it comes to profitable agario splits, just wait for multiple cells to line up and strike at the right time to get the most profit from your splits, splitting yourself multiple times might be useful in some situations, but again… Be safe.


Wall combining is an excellent way to quickly regroup your cells in sketchy situations, I however wouldn’t recommend using this too much, your total mass will drop dramatically when shooting mass, even though you’re shooting them to yourself it’s still gonna make your total mass drop.


fear me

You may think you are good at agario, but you’re definitely not the only agar pro around, it’s therefore important to not underestimate your opponents, even though you have the skills, your opponents may just be as skilled at agario as you are.


And finally you should prepare for the long agario games, a single game for can take up to multiple hours, especially if you’re an agar pro, now, what would you do if you were in an epic game and you suddenly need to use the bathroom, This may sound silly, but happened to me… you can prevent those situations by doing whatever you need to do before starting the game.


Having the right gameplay strategy along with the perfect timing is the key to an easy agario game,  I still see players struggling on when and how to execute these strategies, so decided to write an article on easy agario strategies which everyone should be using in their gameplay.

This are just 5 strategies, but I will definitely consider writing more articles like this one in the near future with more advanced strategies and tips.



If you’ve been playing agario for a while you may have seen some players shooting mass towards the middle of their own cells to quickly combine and grow one of their cells, I like to call this strategy Mass shifting, it might come in handy and save you in sketchy situations where you need to combine fast, but I wouldn’t recommend to use it too much due to mass loss while shooting (W) blobs, an example of mass shifting can be found in the video below (at 1:08)



Combine baiting is one of the most efficient ways to eat someone’s cell in agario,here’s how it works… First of all, you need at least 2 cells which are about to combine shortly, you will then try to get close to someone else’s cell while baiting him with one of your smaller cells, (Try to act as if you’re running from him) you then turn around and combine while you’re close enough to eat him.

you can see how this strategy works in action in the video below (skip to 2:13)



Split and shoot is an aggressive agario strategy which is mainly used to get yourself in the right position to shoot viruses towards the cells of other players, Here’s an example… If There’s a virus on your right and a player right on top of the virus, you can split yourself and get yourself in position under the virus and shoot it towards your opponent’s cells, this strategy is frequently used by experienced agario players and YouTubers like Wun Wun.



I guess by now we al know what happens when floating true viruses right… yeah, you will pop into a swarm of smaller cells, Now the cool part… It’s mostly safe to float true viruses whenever you’re about to combine, off corse you will still pop and risk the chance of getting eaten by other cells, but some of your cells will combine instantly if you’ve timed it correctly even though they got split by a virus second ago, see how this works in the video below (Skip to 1:48)



And finally as my 5th strategy / tip, I want to say that playing aggressive is mostly the time the best thing to do, of course you need to be careful with your actions and time them correctly, but other than that it’s mostly worth the risk, and trust me, it will eventually make agario easier and much more fun to play…

Slitherio Zoom Hack

It’s very simple to use, we made sure it’s not a complicated process. First, you are required to enter a Nickname that you are planning to use, after you enter your username the second step will appear which will offer you to choose many options such as mass for your snake, that is also score as well. That means every time you start a new game you will have the same amount of mass you selected while using the slither.io online hack.


The other 3 Features

Unlocking All Skins

This means you will be able to use every skin available out there, this never expires. It’s not like a score (mass) hack where you will be required to use our hacking software again every 7 days.

Unlimited Zoom

With this feature you will be able to do unlimited zoom out which is a great thing because you can observe much more around you and can bring you tremendous benefits.


Witch this option turned ON the enemies won’t be able to kill you, the best thing we implemented on this feature is you can turn it OFF and ON instantly, the hotkey for it will be “Shift” + “N”. This feature is also called GOD MODE.

After you selected what you want to use click on “Start” button. This will bring you to the console screen which will tell you about what is going on in the hacking process of slither io. Then we may ask you to complete a survey on the sponsored offer, we do this mainly to prevent abuse of this hack, it is in the interest of all of us to ensure long term working. The anti-bot protection will not be always triggered, we run multiple checks in the background for things such as IP Blacklist, your Country, Browser, and many other things, if you meet the criteria the anti-bot protection will not appear on you.

You are probably wondering how it works, we will explain now. We have hacked slither.io database and we have full-time access which is untraceable. After you type your nickname we run several calculations and detections to find out the exact user that is going to play the game, we detect your IP, Browser User Agent, cookies and few other things and then we match it with records in slither.io database. We keep records in our database also so we know when 7 days expire.

To make slitherio hacks possible for all the people we spend a tremendous amount of work. We have few experts in the hacking field and they have been able to penetrate slitherio network in early release stages when it was the most vulnerable. We also have web developers that have created this easy to use web platform for various people that doesn’t have any knowledge in technical stuff. The platform looks simple and without much things going on, but in the background, PHP servers are very complex and run many calculations and operations. That is also one reason why we run surveys on our website, we have to keep paying for servers and developers that maintenance everything to run smooth and fully operational.


Using Slither.io Hack No Download

This particular version is without downloading anything on your computer which is much safe comparing to .exe programs that can contain viruses, even if you scan them with antivirus they are dangerous, you can be infected with potential adware or spyware. Slither.io hack online is the next generation and we are recommending it to everyone.

Slitherio Hacks without Surveys

Any website offering you completely free hacks with no survey they are lying to you because there is no such thing, it is too expensive to maintain and if they are giving it for free then it will soon be dead and give them no benefit at all, these hack tools are much likely infected and will harm your computer or smartphone, also choose only websites with SSL because it’s much safer.

Slither APK Offline Hack

Some websites offer APK Mods that modifies everything in the game just for fun because these mods are offline and you won’t be able to play it with other people only with bots. Some people think it’s real and multiplayer mode but it’s not. Yes, they offer secret skins but no fun in playing singleplayer whatsoever.


There are many slither.io cheats out there but many are viruses and doesn’t work, so choose carefully when you are downloading or using these tools. We will continue building and developing this platform in future and we hope people will see our hard work that we put into this project. If someone have any good feature for us to implement let us know by emailing us.

Slither.io Fix Lag

The first part of spore such as House of cards and even the prosperity of which is subject to an array of high-quality Agar.io was a source of inspiration to many game makers. By a similar logic, the producers let me do it saying We slither into the middle of yilanli.they took IO.


Slither.opening address via io, you can quickly dive right into the game. Yet due to the first stages, or an advertisement, no unnecessary political messages, nor takimlasma annoying. The game quickly spread and it is easily accessible and very alone in this game because the lag problems are getting busier and hang-ups are causing. It’s still a hugely enjoyable game definitely worth a try. Solve this problem as they invest.

Your goal in the game like the snake, other snakes eat the balls and avoid hitting their bodies. Extremely enjoyable because you can switch from another snake within you kuculte kuculte surrounding food in the meantime, you can speed up the ball by losing an amount with the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. Agar.IO one of the best things from your opponent, no matter how big you can burn it your self by cutting off even the smallest front.

Fix Slither.io Lag issue in Android

I used to play this game mostly from my smartphone to make it more convenient, but this lag problem made me losing when I was at 5th position in the leaderboard. Well, Here are the few methods you need to follow to fix it on your android device.

Fix Slither.io Android Lag

Clear Slither.io App Data

Sometimes due to cache and other data’s you will face this lagging issue. So you need to clear data of Slither.io app. To do so, Follow the given instructions.

  • Go to Settings and Tap on Apps
  • Now swipe to “All” tab
  • Search for Slither.io
  • Tap on it and now you will see Clear data option tap it
  • Yay! You fixed it!

Fix Slither.io Lag issue in Windows

Mostly I used to play Slither.io on PC especially if I’m determined to grab a spot in Leaderboard. But Lagging makes it so frustrating as you know this game needed to be played smoothly and slowly. Here are the tips to fix the lag in Slither.io game.

Clear Cache

Cache is one of the reasons for lagging issues. So it’s always recommended to clear the cache and cookies. I useCCleaner to do this but if you want to do directly on your browser then follow the below instructions.

Google Chrome

  • Click on the 3 horizontal lines on the top right of the browser
  • Click on Settings
  • Now click on History option
  • Click “Clear Browsing Data”
  • Make sure you select “the beginning of time” option
  • Click on Clear Browsing Data.
  • Done!


  • Click on Menu Button and chose History
  • And then Clear Recent History option.
  • Finished!


Use Incognito Mode

Incognito Mode is basically known as Private Browsing where your extension, add-on, themes or any other plugin’s will not be loaded, and you will browse smoothly. All the browser have this feature. If you are using Google Chrome, then Hold CTRL + SHIFT + N button simultaneously. If you are a Firefox user then, you can find the Private browsing option in your Preferences. If you are using some other browsers then kindly look at your settings to find the Private Browsing option.

Enable Low-Quality Mode

Enable Low Quality Slither Mode to Fix Lag

In Slither.io homepage, you can see an option on top right of the screen to change your graphic preferences. So If you are facing lag then use Low-Quality Mode. It should fix the problem

Play in Other Browsers

Sometimes your browser might struggle to load such FPS game. So, Give a short to other browsers. As far as I played this game, this game ran very well on Google Chrome, and lag problem wasn’t there that often. If you are using any other browser such as FireFox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc then kindly use Google Chrome browser.

Set Priority to High

Here is a trick to make your browser load Slither.io game smoothly. All you have to do is to set your browser at max priority. To do it follow the below steps.

Task Manager to set Google Chrome Priority to High

  • Search for Task Manager or right click on menu bar in Windows
  • After opening Task Manager
  • Click on Details tab
  • Now you can see your browser process which is running.
  • Right click on your browser process and hover to Resource value and set it to High
  • Done!

If you are facing this issue still, then upgrade to a good internet connection with decent speed. So that it can runSlither.io servers good.


As far we as we have tested these methods and most of them worked out / reduced the lag pretty well. If you are still facing lag then wait for sometime Slither.io are getting new servers to manage their high traffic to their site. According to this article on Pocketgamer the creator of Slither.io has stated that his team is working on improvements Upgrading there server is in the improvement list. So don’t worry, this issue will be solved soon from there side.

Slither.io Feeder Bot Hack


An Open Source Slither.io Feeder Bot

Needs more contributers! Better documentation coming soon!



Running Feeder Bot

This seems to be the most popular question. But First Run This “RunIdepend.bat” After That Being Done. ~Important

Secondly, Get Some Proxies and then paste in this file “proxies.txt”. ~Important

Just Run These Files “StartServer.bat” & “StartBot.bat”


The main reason behind this bot is for educational purposes. With great power comes great responsibility, don’t ruin the game for others!

Unlike many other slither.io bots, this one does not require a browser and can be ran on your desktop/server with Node.JSinstalled

Special Thanks To:


MIT © Dahquan Hinds (For the Library)

MIT © Mayed505

Slither.io Skins Mod SGP

What skin to be applied in what situation? – Strategic execution

If you are searching for the skins and can’t find, then open the official site to see tutorial. Thus, you would know the details of slither.io skins mod. It would drive you to post more points in front of the world. Now, just know the exact skin for the exact need and apply that to get unbelievable result.  

Install Tampermonkey

Slither.io Skins Mod Install

Basic of skin:

Primarily, your motif of playing slither.io game is to get a big snake. How will you generate to grow the snake size and speed without depending on the game protocols? The simple way to accomplish the needs is to apply skins. Basically, the gamers must be clear about the need of their skins. It would be pointless to waste time in hiringslither.io skins mod. If you are starting the game, then search for the size improving skins. Scroll the mouse to zoom in and get bigger visual of your snake.




Easy winning:

If you want to get immediate success without paying more energy on learning, then use skins. It is an unfair way to modify the slither.io game. You can get incredible success through green or purple Chan skins and others. If you want to share a high score in Facebook and Twitter, then apply slither.io skins mod. Here, you must know what to apply and when? If you want to beat Reddit skin then Chan would be a better option. There are skins to beat other skins. If you want to compete with your friend’s skin, then find a better skin and buy that.

There are several tutorials that would brief the procedure to unlock the skins. If you want to get the better play, then unlock modern skins and hacks to score more. The highly demanded skins can help you to bring a huge and powerful snake, speedy movements and more fluency in movements. The official site has description of slither.io skins mod. Often gamers are hesitating to download the hacks. You can submit your comment to discuss about a specific skin. Here, the experts would answer you.

Slither.io Wide Screen



Slither.io is a flash based game that is presented for the gamers and is spread rapidly in all our country.The game can be played without any installation.The game is a multiplayer game.The gamers need internet connection to play the game because it is an internet based game.


The purpose of the game is to collect points to reach to the highest lenght to enter the top 10 list.The game continues until the snake burns.You can provide the opponent to crash with its head to you so that they get eliminated and the player can get the points from its opponent.This way,the player can fold the points.This situation is eligible for you.If you crash to another snake then you are the one who will get to burn and this would be a nerve breaking situation for you.


Slither.io tactics to become a bigger snake

– Do not move continuously fast and use the speed button after growing up.

-Keep the distance open between you and your opponents because they are able to suddenly maneuver.

-After reaching to a specific lenght ,try to draw a circle around the opponents.

-If you are a small snake,then you dont have anything to loose ,so you can make sudden moves infront of the bigger snakes to burn them.

-The biggest benefit of the Slither.io trick is ,if you play on a wide screen the chances are less to get burned.

Slither.io MultiBot Elite Slitherio Bots (Free Version)


  • Ultimate Free Bots that come and die to you
  • You can watch that video to how to install
  • X – Key for speed up you bots.

You need to download of three things for working.


new-slitherio-bot new-slitherio-bot1-1024x576 new-slitherio-bot2-1024x576

Hacks, Mods, Skins, Tricks, Extensions